serious business

imagine being unable to leave the room in which you are right now! indefinetely! imagine, the only distraction from your enforced drug consuming is provided by terrible rapes scattered throughout your 24 hours, and yes, I deliberately did not say, day, for, locked away like that, you won't know the difference between day and night: you are pretty much locked away in your very own nightmare! Well, my darlings, as awful as this sounds, it is reality for FAR too many girls and boys across this planet. for far TOO many people, another wo/man's life is worth nothing more than cold hard cash, so that they get involved in the dirtiest business imaginable: human trafficking! well! you can stop this from happening! YES, YOU!!! buy a dottilicious bag here , and all your donation is going directly to A21, an amazing campaign getting down and dirty, in the midst of things, rescuing girls and boys as well as educating those who are still endangered!

a bag

nudder one



my fancy lamp, a car, and me

This star fish ring is truly dottilicious and only cost me €3. Soon I will have all crustations on my hands! The pleated inset of this fantastic shirt inspired me to go and sew my own pleated skirt. As soon as my scissors are sharpened (next Saturday), I shall make a new springey skirt! What can I tell you lovelies? This world puzzles me over and over again! Indulging myself in hues of pink and lemon serves as a haven to somehow cope! Darlins, buy big gold jewelry! AND: reward yourself for things that are challenging! That way you train yourself to RUN TO the challenge next time around!

un jacket

still life

graf fitti

my car


Blouse: Zara
Skirt: HandM
Ring: ditto
Boots: New Yorker
Satchel: HandM
Cardigan: customized Nino Bernardi



diy fashion

matter of fact she's gonna start sellin all sorts of high class 100% hand-sewn übercool garments any day now better watch this space



40 is the new 20

No, seriously, I am growing up. Along with my city. Isn't it called „coming of age“? Well, awaiting the arrival of the new international airport, I got together my fab 'n' fresh jet-set outfit that is sure to let me loiter around the airport for ever. Not that I have any intentions to, but, hey, just weighing my options.
Dressing a little more chic, with a merino wool jacket I inherited from my 93 (!!!!!) year old grandma. Honestly, I don't recall any of my own clothing items ever having received such amounts of compliments. All I am half expecting now is a standing ovation for this fab fab fab piece of clothing! Quality, my darlings! I put, no stuffed, this heavy merino quality in my much-too-small overnight bag on my way back home from grandma. And, only creased for a good 5 minutes, it is now as good as new! Grandma, I salute you!
Oh, you may ask, is this real fur? I couldnt possibly tell... A gentle woman enjoys in silence.



no phone

Jacket: Grandma
Fur: ditto
Broche: HandM
Coolest leather-criss-crossed leggings: Gina Tricot
Knee high boots (now fixed thanks to skater shoe-goo from California): New Yorker
Leather half-gloves: Primark
sunnies: oh, I can't possibly remember the market I got them from
Nail polish: MOST DOTTILICIOUS „caffeine fix“ from Sephora




What comes to mind when you hear the word: Love?
Platonic? Like you are in a museum, you can admire but not touch? And certainly never own?
Or down-and-dirty love? Consume and dispose-off afterwards?
Can we touch something and not become familiar? Do we necesarrily commit defilement thereby, contaminating that which we have touched with our own mortality?
What if the immortal were not to grow weary in continuously perceiving you, communicating with you, in essence, touching you? When we speak of something touching us, we mean it gets under our skin, we can not help but get involved. What if the eternal, immortal, platonic were to nudge us time and again? Wouldn't it eventually leave an imprint on us? Could it be that the infinite is doing just that? When we worship, we lean in as if to kiss. Sweetness, if that which we kiss is the immortal!




something else

Jumper: Forever21
Skirts: HandM
Finger rings: Grandma's heirlom
Hair tie: HandM
Gloves: Primark
Bracelet: New Yorker
Top: TKMaxx
Belts: HandM
Shoes: soo old i can't even remember
Handbag: New Yorker



Radioactive Man!

You never know what they are doing up there, I mean, Russia is gigantic! Did you know, there are people suffering from gigantism? They can't stop growing! Well, being out on the ice, we heard something sounding very much like the rumblings of an incredibly gigantic giant! Me in the black coat, I am actually reenacting a russian enemy, can you see how stern I look?! I am hunting down myself in the fur coat, as fur-coat-me has just stolen the secret never-ending radioactive substance making all of russian snow glow white. Once fur-coat- me leaves the country, that's that! All of Russia will be black! So much for the new world order... Oh, well, see the look of superiority in my russian-black-coat-me picture? Looks like I have overcome myself! Oh, if only I could say that all day, every day!

me, glowing

stone cold killer

vast white wideness

slowly turning into an abstract object

lots of color, one last time

you talkin' to me? whatcha think i'm hiding in that muff, huh?

what's done is done

Coat: cheap but sexy hand-me-down HandM
Fur-coat: sexy but cheap New Yorker plastic-fantastic
Skirt white: You don't wanna know HOW cheap THAT was... ZARA sale
Black skirt with a dead teddy bear on the front (I am impersonating an enemy, dont forget!): So cheap, it hurts. Also ZARA
Beetle ring and broche: New Yorker with neon tags on (yep, sale items)
Coolest every Givenchy copied boots: New Yorker
Flowery top: same Zara sale!
Hand bag: dang, that was soo cheap, I actually got it at a charity shop, excuse, vintage of course.
Berlin, like our mayor rightly says, is cheap but sexy. Need more proof?!!


PS: we are, of course, inspired by inspiring people and their inspiring works, such as McGuinley and his man behind tree - Radioactive Man


back in business

now you might conjecture that la dictatrice lazily sat on her ass those last four months but dear friends and family i can assure you that this was not so much to the contrary she has been extremely busy immersing herself for one last time in the strange but no less beautiful than purple gloves in a white snowy desert world of abstract objects and their supposed though of course necessarily to be rejected relevance to the concrete world inhabited by thinking creatures in fake fur coats anyhow let it be known that the dictatorship is back with a vengeance and let us not miss out on this: happy new year ladies and gentlemen anything else oh yes even though it may seem like the pictures on the other side feature a setting sun do not be deceived it is rising and the future is oh so bright denn heute gehört uns the dictatorship und morgen die ganze welt mark my words dear friends and family


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