champions of the enlightenment, listen here!

"They are just things: they don't have a soul!" This simple, somewhat cheesy comment hit the nail on the head in regard to my shopping addiction. Yes, addictions are a steady companion: leaving one on the road side ensures the next one to pop up immediately.
Why am I telling you all this? Because, despite picturing our society as highly enlightened and way past the dark middle ages, I do not know of a profession that is entirely drug free. What does that have to do with a) medieval practices and b) addictions? Well, b) answers itself. As for a), people in all kinds of reliable and menial and high powered jobs make decisions that are as far removed from ratio as is calling a woman a witch. Employees deal with irrationality of this kind daily! Everywhere!
Darlings, sorry to burst yer bubble, but maybe all is not what it seems. Your mechanic may run on empty due to a bad come-down, your doctor just quickly rubbed his gums before checking yours. Darlings, if you are telling me that our western society is based on the rational mind, think again. If the executing mind is in wonderland, the underlying governing principles become somewhat of a blurred mystery!
Irrational, random behavior? You live with it at all times. To believe anything else is simply, well, to believe in the flying spaghetti monster! Gregory House is not real, you know?!

this is me and a friend from america

in front of my new fence

am i going to san francisco?



money and death

"Guten Tag, ich heisse xyz und verkaufe den Strassenfeger." Countless homeless people/people on the dole introduce themselves to commuters on a train daily in this manner. 5 of them easily frame my ride to work, begging, singing, drawing etc. If I remember correctly, there were far less back before I left Berlin for London in 1999. Cultural pessimism? Everything was once much better! Tomorrow it will still be worse! This is it in a nutshell. But is it true? Ravenous, beastial warfare was in order during greco-roman times. Is an individual running amok really worse than that politically sanctioned behaviour? I don't believe so. I believe cultural pessimism speaks of 2 things, 1) our utter shock and horror when faced with the depth of the abyss of the human heart and 2) our helplesness towards the existence of this abyss. By removing the label "sin" we haven't done much really in removing the issue of sin, much like removing the label "homeless guy" will not do anything in getting this poor man a home.

this is me and a friend from america

in front of my new fence

am i going to san francisco?

maybe. either way, look, i found an old car



Inflight entertainment

As boarding flight FR 8543, we are greeted by a Mozart flute tune. Dear Ami; he couldn't have foreseen a bunch of flying blue and yellow plastic and metal to ever make for the perfect musical auditorium. Can you imagine that in a few centuries, decades even, one may just listen to Mozart whilst beaming oneself from A to B? Even if you answer "no" to that question, you at least have to imagine it and then reject that mental image. Mental images are the object of much debate, which is funny, as neither debate nor imageination are much of an object at all: even when labelling such beasts "events", not much is gained in terms of the naturalistic cause. The mental image may be the result of previously observed objects, but certainly it is not in itself observable. Yes, brain wave patterns are interesting, but, even if one day fully developed, can do nothing for explaining how we can, in our imagination at least, remove/beam ourselves from our current space-time location. This, by the way, counts for either direction: yesterday and tomorrow. The world is truly a puzzling place, and naturalism owes much, I believe way too much, to offer a truly acceptable position. You decide for yourself. Oh dear, yet another two bizarre ideas for the naturalist: You and Decision! Lazy buggers, honestly!

skull with some flesh

skull on a box

goin up or down?

up, i guess

i seem to have hit a wall



Keep smiling and love life

Nobody loves me and nobody cares about me! "Kein Schwein ruft mich an, keine Sau interessiert sich für mich." This lovely little idiom in German, when abbreviated, means as much as: Woe is me! I guess what is hard about appreciating my life are the two following things -- no one asked me if I wanted to partake in it, and, let's face it, neither did my parents ask for ME. Surely, they were glad to have a baby, and a baby girl at that (both of which can prove traumatic to the parent in some space-time regions), but me specifically? They couldn't have foreseen how I would turn out. I am like a surprise birthday gift -- the cause of joy and gratitude, but its nature impossible to be foreseen. This outright predestines me to feel like I am a product of chance, surely! All the odds speak against me being purposeful. Neither of those involved fully knew what they signed up for. If you are a naturalist, this is what you get. But you will be at a loss for words trying to explain an awful lot of phenomena you find in this world: the use of logic and reasoning, for instance. And, there's no way around it, even the epitome of an exact science, mathematics, my darling, doesn't even purport to describe the world in space and time! Isn't it funny how we make allowance for another realm of such non-objects but shriek at the idea of a spirit world.

through the looking glass

dancing why not

heightened security area signs and me

me good ol trench



the simple life

Paris Hilton called Lindsay Lohan a poor church mouse due to La Lohan's lack of funds: 113 mill down from Paris, to be precise. We know Paris from a couple of reality TV shows, one of which, coincidently, bore the same title as today's piece.
So, Aristotle asked: What is the Good Life? I ask: What is your Simple Life? My granddad, shortly before his death stated the meaning of life: to be "geläutert". What would be your mission in life? You, stripped even of all external interferences. "Helping others" therefore doesn't count, neither does "world domination". To help you along here, mine would spell: Being thankful for my life. Not seeing my life as mere drudges, but a state to enjoy. Uhm, guess: Mission (almost) impossible!

shine a (grainy) light on me

on a cold dark night

found me a paper bag

it's french

so are the shoetips



Gimme some(,) sugar(,) daddy

I read about this website allowing for some kind of union between affluent men/women and needy counterparts. "Monthly allowances" are stated in numbers. This not only reminds of prostitution but actually pans out to be thus. A third of all users of these webservices are young female students (from highflying universities such as Berkeley, MIT, you name it). Wow, I know: Emancipation?! My *@#%! God calls us to be dependent on him alone for provision. I love how that dignifies me as a relatively young female: it reminds me that I do not have to rely on older, more affluent men merely for security. And I call that pretty emancipated, don't you?

hey, there

me and a pillar of salt

some cash

a quick break

a detail

fixing to leave

bye now!


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