there has to be order

"More important than any one human life is order"! This quote, taken from American Gangster, is something we already come across in Hegel in some shape or form. He is a german philosopher who was known for talking much most of the time. He was here around the time of Napoleon. Well, enough about that nonsense of data exchange, in essence, there is a tendency to sacrifice either some for the benefit of the many or many for the benefit of the few. Which one is it going to be? We here sacrifice nothing for no one! Yeah, this shoot developed with no blood being spilled! Don't you find it fascinating that we are yet again in the realm of blood? Do you know that you carry around several pints of blood with you ALL day EVERY day?! WEll, ma dahlin, appearances can be deceptive! Enjoy your blood being invisible most of the time! It passes by unnoticed, like our gangster in this shot!

a bit like mister michael jackson

way cooler, though

somewhat weird

hats off

Hat: Lock&Co.
Overcoat: New&Lingwood
Tshirt: Eckö
Trousers: HandM
Shoes: Loake



weird angle

seriously did she chase the photographer dude up that basketball thingie (whatchamecallit?) did he steal from her stash or something who knows maybe he caught her practicing the moonwalk which then led to a real diana-like sort of reaction (ha i easily see your nineteenth century "philosopher" and raise you a real deal greek myth from days gone by) be that as it may i will seize the opportunity to decree that navy is actually the color of the season thank you very much ladies and gentlemen

ps some kickass tap dancing shoes aren't they



I'm a lover, not a fighter!

How passionate is a vampire? Always portrayed as insatiable, the image of the lover, not the fighter, springs to mind. Both in pursuit of fresh blood, the fighter does not, in most cases, internalize the aqcuired bait. The vampire, however, merges with his victim in some shape or form. with this super customized t we are sure to be the wolf in sheep's clothing: it reads "fighter", it embellishes the "lover". Ah, deceptive, mysterious, faboosh! WE LOVE AUTUMN, come, melancholia, engulf us!

if you can't see this picture -- be afraid

be. very. afraid.

Be sure to get the music reference!



i'll keep up the fight then

even though clearly wolves are for babies as far as i'm concerned it's set theory in sheep's clothing that you'd have to be afraid of but actually maybe you don't



Train wreck

Have you noticed how deconstructed is salonfähig? Ann Demeulmeester was spearheading the deconstruction craze 20 odd years ago, and now even the Munich high society is seen dressed in raw edges. To me it screams of a desire our generation has for something with substance, a history, even if only generated. The trend of allowing vintage into a serious style section speaks of this very same desire: to be somehow traditional, in a very prefabricated way. Well, this Levi's jacket is almost 20 years old, i got it from a vintage shop 1994 in Philadelphia. Back then it was already heavily deconstructed, but now i added my history on top of it. I believe that to be the reason for yearning for vintage: some sense of having tampered with the way of the world.

a picture of me not wishing to be seen

check it out, trash!

some gems on a jacket

wrecked my car hmm

is there any hope?

Jean jacket: Levi's vintage
Leather jacket: vintage and customized, label unrecognizable
Shorts: Tally Weijl
Shoes: stylist's own
Bag: handmedown leather tassled bag
Necklace: customized handbag handle from handmedown
Tshirt: vintage shirt from thrift store in the mission district
Styling inspiration: Jenny from Luther




We went down to the lake, which really is not much of a lake at all. Water has mystified and stupified people since forever really. Homer (not Simpson) conjured up Poseidon's wrath towards Odysseus who was then busy throughout the Odyssey to escape it. The sirens wail by the sea, we beautifully sing „lucy in the sky with diiiaaaaamonds“ and prance up and down the pontille, which is italian for landing stage. Let me tell you about the necklace, I mean THE necklace: Its long and serves a double function: one, its a mafia device, conjured up in order to drown one's victims in faboosh style! Two, it equally protects the wearer from impending bullets, yeah! Hence the double entendre there: „italian“ and being down by the lake, both intended to set the italian stage for the mafia theme! „You come to me on the day of my daughters wedding?“

wha' are you lookin' at?

in this picture, i am totally tripping!

this looks like 3d

lots of light

friend of mine

shirt: customized HandM
shorts: tally weijl
leggins: rossmann
shoes: dorfyluts


PS: to increase the required atmosphere, check out Brooke Scibelli's rendition of the song referenced above



as you can clearly see after making a killing with this website we have sensibly invested our money and were hence able to spend the summer in style on a little yacht in the colors and design of a cab hooray thus you will doubtless excuse the recently less frequent generation of new content


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