Digging in for the fall

This stinking rotten weather? Is it a sign of the two (why two? Why not more?) parallel universes seperating? Does it mean this is the end of the world as we know it? Will we be having palm trees in our latitude? The data that is available to us here at dottilicious speaks of lush green lawns, and the opportunity to wear that super hotness parka that we have secretly dreamt about ever since we were in our mother's womb! Oh, did you know that white noise apparently cancels out mind control? Back then you were safe from any kind of brain washing, now you are no longer! Go!!! Get this parka! This is a command! We know where you live (no, we don't actually)!
Well, clothes make us happy, no matter what the circumstances, they offer a much needed comic relief from this, our world. Our hot fashion tip today: go, put on some clothes! And, secondly: try not to take yourself too seriously. If you can, that is. Otherwise, hide in a tentlike parka until you can face this, our world, again.

one woman army



an army of one

why do you think this american cowboy soldier appears to be so depressed in this picture the weak dollar debt all over the place teapartiers ditto i certainly don't know take your pick



spank the plank

my oh my, in old age we have succumbed to body shapers, in this particular case some fabulous DKNY version for a measly below 10 Euro price. Well, looks like they shaped us from head to toe: total tension, it's only a bit troublesome trying to partake in your regular day to day grind. Social suicide, my brazilian friend would say. A word construct only a brazilian could come up with: to a german, "social suicide" conjures up ideas of suicide due to too much social commitments! "WHAT ABOUT ZE INDEPENDENCE???!!!", you hear the german scream!
In these DKNY puppies no such worries will befall you any longer: feel free to hang, sorry, plank around some train station for hours! Fun times! And in your buffalos you are sure to look faboosh while your are planking around- And being true to dottilicious style: wearing the wrong shoes: THAT is social suicide!

shoes made from a dead pony

i'm somewhat tense

Wedges: Buffalo
Tights: Primark
Bag: ibid.
Spanx: DKNY
Shorts: HandM
Jacket: ibid.



Smokin' hot, baby!

Remember that smokin' hot suit Bianca Jagger wore for her wedding? Have you actually tried a YSL Bianca suit? You should, even if it is the last thing you do on this planet. My own wedding? I won't be caught dead in some white fluffy thing! So my last piece of clothing may very well be a meringue-type nightmare made from organza or some other horrendous nothingness! For it will surely catapult me directly into the great Beyond! A bespoke suit really should be written into the constitution (which we, as germans, couldn't care less about, anywas, sounds great!) as a human right! Fabooooooosh. And, furthermore, you can do so much with it, like this little puppy here. (Doesn't he look like the talented Mr.Ripley? I mean, really!) The satin band is slap bang in the middle of the trousers/pants (take your pick, anglo/american), and the satin collar is not uni-colored! Can u believe it, I did a Smoking once for Tom Cruise! Too bad I didn't think he was all that smoking hot! A gentleman I bumped into last sunday at my church, all dressed in a bespoke suit, commented on how one oughtn't judge someone by their occupation. Now that's what I call understatement! A bit like superated, really. Somewhat understated!

a dude in a suit



Lektor's delight

naturally i have to add that this entire pun thing does not even work in english because a smoking jacket is something to be sharply distinguished from a deutschen Smoking so the word we have actually been looking for is either "dinner suit" or "tuxedo" once again depending on where you are...



I dont know anything about texas!

Dang, that is bad! It's pretty rich, pretty obese! Is Dolly Parton from Texas?
I really don't know what Texas is famous for! Dang! Ignorant!
I flew to Mexico City via Houston once! And I had a (!!!!) coke in Texas! Wearing a dreadful dress, and no makeup.
My host sister during my exchange year to the USA got up about 2 hours early every day just to get her hair done! But that wasn't in Texas! And my hair looked all rubbish!
Are there cows in Texas? And boys looking after them?
There are hats in Texas that look pretty much like hats in Berlin! So maybe that makes Texas a bit like Berlin! Oh, dang, its cool to be a satisfied pig, oink oink!




'nudder lady



Being disturbed by an incompleteness theorem

Oh dear, I nearly fell off the roof top as I saw the incompleteness theorem (the first one) arrive! See how it bounces around around my head? And surely it brought many a sleepless night to Mr.Hilbert. (look it up! Quite a hunk at his time, you know!)
Guess what, Gödel was mates with Einstein! Guess further who I think is going to Princeton soon, just like his predecessors? Right, our hippie-hater! Too bad he has to hang out with me! Would love to know the precise definition that distinguishes me from your bog-standard hippie? We are waiting, pegasizer! Anyways, your tacky Hello Kitty bag is fully rounding up our outfit here!And, I know my incompleteness theorem when I see one: see, all you folks out there thought it was merely a lens flare...See, see! We at dottilicious not only teach you in matters fashion but also see it as our call of duty to tell all regarding mathematical logic! So, next time you see this on a pic, u will be in the know regarding its real ontology: It's a theorem, not a flare! Nerd: over and out!

my version



hats, heads

dear friends and family finally the time has come when a little independent and totally unprompted sounding off on behalf of the interlocutor is very well in order the topic ladies and gentlemen that shall be dealt with today is hats i shall absolutely unapologetically indulge in decreeing just like her highness does habitually so listen up having things on one's head is good do however avoid at all cost to have said things on your head be checkered in any kind of way also shun the small brim because if you combine these things you look like a stereotypical hippie douche roaming the dark streets of berlin if you add a pair of sunglasses everyone will just assume you are an italian tourist and on spotting you on the subway will reach for the obligatory earplugs
still DO wear hats i totally order you to
also at this time of the year have them made out of straw or even better the original palm fibre thing that characterizes the true panama and make sure you have an actually useful wide brim that keeps stupid sunbeams and useless raindrops out of your eyes and distinguishes you from the common lowlife berlin hippie
as an encouragement i present you with an extraordinarily nice specimen if you want to look like hilbert follow my orders (also embrace formalism but more on that on some other occasion)

a fine man in a fine hat

PS: speaking of stereotypical berlin abominations next time i will bring you all my insights on clip-on braces and especially using them absolutely uselessly by having them hang off one's ass



Marcel Ostertag

The atmosphere in the tent was something else! We begin to understand why white is the predominant runway (non)color: however, we big up McQueen all the more for breaking the mold and doing daring shows. Remember his SS 1999 show? When I started my fashion studies in London on 9.9.99, we were all enamoured by him. What a talent! He brought the fashion back into fashion shows, as strange as it may sound. Mostly, shows are about who sits in the first row and who is invited. Fashion comes second. McQueen got us looking not left and right but ahead: to the runway. Of course, that way, his shows became extremely exclusive affairs: a friend who helped along with one of McQueen's collections wasn't even able to attend. Thing was: he didn't choose a theatrical expression to hide bad quality. Oh, I will forever be full of praises towards McQueen.

ostertag in yellow




Reasons to enjoy capsule:
faboosh Levi's print workshop (which is still going btw)
interesting but tucked away ideas collective of little known designers doing fresh and interesting stuff.
Fantastically helpful photographers giving me immensely helpful tips and pronouncing me to be their assistant in order to keep me in my cosy spot! Yai!!!

red glasses!

dress in window

sad person


from top to bottom: eyewear by andy wolf, jacket by superated
gaffer + fluf
Nieuw Jurk
Catch the entire Austrian fashion show on our facebook page!


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